Cleveland Deck and Winters

Have you just built a deck in Cleveland? Maybe, you want to protect your Cleveland deck from the harsh Cleveland winter. As it snows and rains during Cleveland winters, your Cleveland decking is vulnerable to snow and rain damage. Protecting your deck with the proper substances will keep it safe all winter long!


One Deck Protection Option: Salt Melt

Salt melts are chemical mixtures that you pour over snowy areas on your Cleveland deck’s surface. Once melted, these salts break down into sodium chloride (salt) and calcium (Ca). The Ca then dissolves into the water molecules allowing them to freeze at lower temperatures than normal due to lowered freezing temperature of CaCl2. This melting method is very effective for clearing off snow but does not prevent Cleveland snow from forming.Cleveland Deck covered in Snow


Another Deck Protection Option: Clear Liquid De-Icers

Instead of using chemical salts like the previous solution, clear liquid de-icers contain organic compounds (urea and/or potassium chloride) creating a less corrosive and toxic ice melting fluid. These liquids are poured directly on your deck to prevent snow and ice buildup while also preventing Cleveland ice from sticking to surfaces. One downside to this method is that it only lasts for about 2-3 hours in temperatures lower than -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius).


Yet another Deck Protection Option: Sand

If you want something easier than pouring chemicals over your deck or spraying liquids, simple sand can help! Sand is good for deck protection because it can provide traction in Cleveland wintery weather. It also does not melt ice but prevents Cleveland snow from sticking to surfaces. If you choose sand, be sure to shovel off walkways and steps at least every 4-5 days in Cleveland winter to prevent future Cleveland snow accumulation.



Now that you know how to protect your deck in the Cleveland winter, make sure you do so! Snow and rain damage can ruin any Cleveland decks faster than you think especially when temperatures are below freezing. Apply these solutions properly before the next winter storm hits then enjoy your deck all next spring!