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Deck Building Services

So you have been considering adding a deck to your home. Well, that’s a smart thought as decks are often considered an excellent way to make a home more appealing, but also increase its surface area without actually adding a new room. A deck is an excellent place to unwind, relax and even entertain your guests.

If a deck is a feature that you’re interested in, Cleveland Decking can help. We have a team of experts that can provide a wide array of deck building services, all guaranteed to make you feel great about your new addition. Every member of our team is fully trained, skilled and experienced. We also use the best materials in the industry, and all this enables us to provide results that are in accordance with our client’s expectations.

We handle every project seriously and ensure every single detail is executed properly, from the design to the construction process, ensuring that our clients can make use of their decks many years down the line. 

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At Cleveland Decking, we have a team of professionals who have years of experience. With their expertise and knowledge, they will be able to help construct a deck that matches the size, shape and style of your home.


When considering installing a deck, it’s imperative to think about the materials, as well as the design that would best suit your property. At Cleveland Decking we only use top of the line materials, ascertaining that your decking will stand the test of time. Our builders not only have vast knowledge about traditional woods but also an array of varying materials like composite wood. That being said, here are some of the most common types of decking our company is known for building:


1. Cedar Decks

These are known to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing decks out there. Thanks to its natural properties, durability and resistance to decay, rotting and warping, it’s an excellent option for any outdoor feature. On the flip side, however, it’s not a low maintenance option as it calls for regular staining and treatment in order to maintain its appealing look.


2. Pressure Treated Decks

These are a popular and great choice due to their natural appearance and affordability. Pressure-treated decks are also resistant to termites, rotting and are a great option as a renewable, natural source. So, if you are on a budget, then this is the deck for you.


3. Capped Composite Decks

These are an excellent option if you are on the hunt for a deck that is resistant to UV, mildew and has anti-microbial properties. They are also low maintenance, making them excellent for those who don’t want to do a lot and want durability at the same time.


4. Hardwood Decks

Hardwood decks are lower maintenance compared to cedar and come with a wide array of color hues and patterns. Additionally, hardwood is a great option due to its durability (it exceeds pine and cedar).

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