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Commercial outdoor decks are typically designed to be longer lasting than conventional residential decks because they are built for public use rather than private use. Whether you will build a pool on top of a timber deck for your business, it’s important to find reputable contractors to turn your outdoor deck into a reality.

At first glance, installing decks on commercial buildings might seem like the same process as residential structures. But there are a few differences between the two types of construction that make this task more challenging for builders who work with businesses instead of homes. 

The type of commercial outdoor deck, such as composite or aluminum, is determined by the project’s purpose. For example, decks in high-traffic areas are made with durable materials to ensure longevity. Decks under direct sunlight have heat-treated lumber to prevent warping and twist over time.

Commercial Deck Installation Vs. Residential Deck Installation

Compliance with building codes is one of the differences between residences and commercial buildings. For example, most municipalities require above-ground wood decks attached to residential structures to be at least 30 inches above ground level to allow space for a firefighter’s ladder. However, since buildings like warehouses don’t need firefighting equipment to access them, they can have much smaller deck heights without being regularly inspected by local authorities. This makes it easy for business owners in these regions to build their walkways, storage racks, and other structures without expensive building permits.

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Businesses also require more customization when it comes to creating their decks. For instance, many companies use the ground floor of their buildings for manufacturing or warehouse purposes, so they don’t want stairs leading up to a deck that would prevent forklifts from accessing this space. As an alternative to steps, these companies often request ramps instead of staircases to save money on construction costs while still giving their employees access to workstations far above the ground level.


Beyond cost and accessibility issues, businesses have specific needs related to safety when working with decks at high elevations. Because workers who build these structures are usually not professional carpenters, business owners must plan early on for any time spent on the ground while installing their decks. This means that concrete footings must be installed before workers can attach support beams to them, and workers need to brace every post securely during installation to prevent it from shaking loose under stress.


Businesses also have a different aesthetic when choosing a deck for their commercial building. For example, warehouses typically have a metal roofing system instead of asphalt shingles used on residential homes. As a result, the same wooden material that helps reduce heating costs inside these buildings is not an attractive addition to their exterior designs unless painted with dark colors or covered in gravel.


This difference between design expectations for businesses and residences makes construction more difficult because carpenters who work primarily on residential properties don’t have experience with these materials. Many construction businesses have adapted to this unique challenge by hiring experts from the commercial building industry who can advise their teams on creating safety and stability when working under pressure.

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