Chain Link Fencing

Hiring a professional fence installation company can take the time and energy out of having to install your own fence. Chain Link Fencing is one such option that comes in many shapes, sizes, and heights that provides an affordable option for those who want privacy or security for their homes.


Chain Link Fencing for privacyIf you’re looking into installing a new fence then you might be wondering what kind of fencing material would be the best choice for you. There are options ranging from metal to plastic or concrete based materials available at home depot or lowes however these fencing options are often not very aesthetically pleasing nor do they offer much aside from basic security. For most homeowners, this is just enough reason to have someone else install it but if you want something more private which also offers some basic security features, chain link fencing is the best choice.


Chain link fencing comes in many shapes and sizes with different heights. It’s the most economical option on this list but doesn’t lack any functionality. The standard height of a fence post is seven feet however some people install them at six feet to make it easier for children or people shorter than six feet tall to see over. Once installed, chain link meshes are offered up to fifteen feet wide by half as long (not including posts) so if you’re looking for something more like two-hundred-foot by fifty-foot then that won’t be possible unless you do some heavy calculations on how much length you’d need versus surface area of the mesh grid. Because these types of fences are so cheap, many homeowners go for slightly longer models to ensure that their entire area is enclosed.


The mesh of chain link fencing can be manufactured into one solid sheet so if you’re looking for something with more privacy then installing it with a chain-link can still give you what you need. One option is to install the fence and then plant vines or evergreen shrubs on the exterior side so they grow up along the fence line creating a natural barrier between your property and others around it giving you ample amounts of privacy without compromising any security features. The other option that might work better depending upon your budget is to purchase some type of vine with thorns on them that do not need much sunlight exposure to thrive. For example, blackberries are relatively small and inexpensive. You can purchase a small plant and then train the vines to climb up your chain link fencing mesh so it provides some privacy but also still allows for security with the fence still being able to be clearly seen.


Another benefit of having a strong, sturdy fence, in general, is that you won’t have to worry about people or animals climbing over the top and getting into your property which is where many homeowners don’t install fences because they believe their yard isn’t large enough but even space under two-hundred feet long by fifty wide would allow for an adult person to easily crawl underneath it if it didn’t have posts installed. If you have pets you might want something taller however six feet should be more than enough to keep dogs inside as well as other similarly sized animals.