Deck Framing: 3 Things You Need To Know

A deck is a multi-purpose structure that can be used for relaxation and entertainment areas. It can also become an eyesore if not properly cared for and maintained. The most important component of any deck is the framing. Without proper framing, you run the risk of having a deck collapse. There are three major things to consider when building your deck: size, materials used, and the framework itself.


Most decks are made from wood or metal because they are easily accessible and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Another popular material used for decks is concrete which can be molded into many different patterns and designs with stamping tools to mimic wood grains or create intricate textures. Decks that have both types of materials often use metal railings and wooden beams to create contrast.


Deck Framing ClevelandThe next thing to consider is the size of your deck. Most decks are about 10 feet wide, but if you have a large outdoor space it’s best to make a larger deck so that there’s more room to walk around. If your home is situated near a body of water, you need to make sure your deck isn’t too close or else you risk flooding during storms and heavy rainfall even without any damage done to your home itself. The framework of the deck should be built according to local building codes in order for it to pass inspections when complete. Your deck must also be able to bear enough weight when people or objects are on top of it in order for it not to collapse when someone steps on it.


Decking Framing is an important part of building a deck because it is what gives the structure its shape and creates the foundation for the entire frame. Framing prevents the wood from bowing or warping in areas where more weight is applied. Deck framing can be made up of trusses, joists, beams, posts, and stringers which are all installed at specific angles to each other that create equal support throughout your deck’s construction. You can use materials like aluminum or steel for deck framing because they are both durable even in wet conditions; however, wood has always been used most often due to its affordability and availability around certain geographical regions.


The ideal time to start constructing your deck is during Spring and early Summer to take advantage of the good weather. It is best to work on deck framing when temperatures are mild rather than during freezing conditions because you risk getting sick if you’re exposed to extreme cold or heat for too long while building your deck. The best time of day to build a deck is either in the morning or around dusk since sunlight can dry out wood more quickly which can lead to cracks and warping over time.