Deck Builder Cleveland – Know Before Building

Deck Building Cleveland

Building a deck is one of those backyard projects that can turn into a major headache if you’re not careful. Even the best Cleveland deck builder have been on jobs where they wished someone had shared this information before construction began so they could have made the right decisions from the start.


Here are five things to consider before building a deck in Cleveland:


1) Cleveland winters require sturdy construction materials

The Northeast has a bad reputation for rough winters, but Clevelanders know first-hand that their city has some of the worst weather in the country when it comes to snow and ice storms. At just under 300 days of precipitation per year, Cleveland ranks number two in rainiest cities in America according to Weatherbase. An average of about 28 inches of snow falls here annually, which is just below the national average of 29.8 inches per year. We also average nearly 80 days with precipitation each year – that’s about 16 percent of its days being wet! Cleveland homeowners know it’s important to invest in high-quality construction materials so their decks withstand winters. If you don’t, you might have to hire a Cleveland deck repair company to fix your damaged structure later on.

2) Location, Location, Location

Most Clevelanders have enough trouble picking out furniture for their outdoor living spaces; adding landscaping or hardscaping can be even more challenging. It’s important to consider what you will need before building your deck and how it will fit into your overall design scheme. For example, if you want a grill on your deck, you have to plan where the gas line will run and consider how much space you need for propane tanks. If you add a landscaped garden or permeable pavers, does that leave enough room on your new Cleveland deck for furniture?


3) Cleveland decks must meet homeowners association guidelines

Many Cleveland homeowners associations have very strict rules about what can and cannot be done in an outdoor space. This is especially true if your unit’s HOA governs the exterior design of buildings and structures like balconies and roof decks. You might want to check with your local board before building a deck, even if it’s just to make sure they don’t prohibit such construction in common areas like courtyards or atriums.


4) Cleveland decks must meet building codes and regulations

Deck design and construction companies can help you avoid the most common deck-related problems if you explain exactly what you expect from your outdoor oasis. If your new deck will need handicap access or handicap ramps, for instance, it’s best to plan for those needs before beginning construction instead of calling a Cleveland deck builder back later to make costly alterations after installation begins.


5) Cleveland decks must be high enough above grade to prevent water intrusion

When Cleveland homeowners think about their home’s exterior, they rarely consider the problem of water seepage below ground level – yet this is one of the most common causes of damage to foundations and basements in Cleveland. If the deck you want will be ground level or even sit mere inches above grade, Cleveland deck builder can help you choose construction materials that are resistant to water damage so your structure retains its finished appearance for years after installation.